Servant types for defining API with relational DBs

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BSD3 licensed by Anton Gushcha
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The idea of package is to provide servant-like DSL for specifying an API for functions stored in RDBMS.

data RegisterUser = RegisterUser {
  userName :: Text
, userPassword :: Text
, userPhone :: Phone
, userEmail :: Email

type API = 
       ArgNamed "user" RegisterUser
    :> ArgNamed "isAdmin" Bool
    :> Procedure "registerUser" (Maybe (Only UserId))
  :<|> ArgPos UserId
    :> Procedure "getUser" (Maybe User)
  :<|> Procedure "listUsers" [User]

The library adds three custom combinators: * ArgNamed name a - named argument of stored function of type a.

  • ArgPos a - unamed argument of stored function of type a.

  • Procedure name a - named stored function with return type a.

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  • Fix Servant.API.DB.Procedure documentation.

  • Split Arg to ArgNamed and ArgPos.

  • Add Default type wrapper.

  • Initial release
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