Derive a postgres client to database API specified by servant-db

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BSD3 licensed by Anton Gushcha
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Automatic derive of typed DB API based on postgresql-query package.

How to use:

  • Define your instances of MonadLogger and HasPostgres for your app monad:

newtype PostgresM a = PostgresM { runPostgresM :: PgMonadT (LoggingT IO) a }
  deriving (Functor, HasPostgres, MonadLogger, Monad, Applicative, MonadBase IO)
  • Define type level API:

type UserId = Int

data RegisterUser = RegisterUser {
  userRegName     :: String
, userRegPassword :: String
, userRegRegTime  :: Day
} deriving (Eq)

deriveToRow ''RegisterUser

data User = User {
  userId       :: UserId
, userName     :: String
, userPassword :: String
, userRegTime  :: Day
} deriving (Eq)

deriveFromRow ''User
deriveToRow ''User

type UserAPI =
       ArgNamed "u" (Composite RegisterUser)
    :> Procedure "postUser" (Only Int)
  :<|> ArgPos Int
    :> Procedure "getUser" (Maybe User)
  :<|> ArgPos Int
    :> Procedure "deleteUser" ()
  :<|> Procedure "getUsers" [User]
  • Derive client functions from the API:

postUser :: Composite RegisterUser -> PostgresM (Only Int)
getUser :: Int -> PostgresM (Maybe User)
deleteUser :: Int -> PostgresM ()
getUsers :: PostgresM [User]
(      postUser
  :<|> getUser
  :<|> deleteUser
  :<|> getUsers) = deriveDB (Proxy :: Proxy UserAPI) (Proxy :: Proxy PostgresM)
  • Use them. The full example you can view at example01/Main.hs module. And to compile it run the:

stack build --flag servant-db-postgresql:examples


  • Call functions in schema with :> operator:

type API = "test" :> ArgPos Int :> Procedure "square" (Only Int)

That will call function test.square(int).

  • Composite types are defined with Composite a wrapper:

type API = ArgNamed "u" (Composite UserCreate) :> Procedure "postUser" (Only Int)
  • Support for arrays:

type API = ArgPos (PGArray Int) :> Procedure "mleast" (Maybe (Only Int))
  • Support for variadic arguments:

type API = ArgPos (Variadic Int) :> Procedure "mleast" (Maybe (Only Int))
  • Support for default arguments with newypte Default a = Default (Maybe a):

type API = ArgPos (Default Int) :> Procedure "foo" (Only Int)


  • Push version for postgresql-query.

  • Make instance FromRow => FromRow (Maybe a) overlappable.

  • Fix haddocks for code blocks.

  • Split Arg to ArgNamed and ArgPos.

  • Initial release.
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