Bindings to the Pushbullet API using servant-client

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MIT licensed by Jacob Thomas Errington

This library describes the Pushbullet API as a type, and uses servant-client to generate Haskell functions for accessing the API. A number of useful types are added so that dealing with raw JSON is avoided.


Revision history for servant-pushbullet-client – 2018-02-11

  • Require version of pushbullet-types.
  • Define a client function for deleting a push.
  • Define a client function for getting a single push. Note: this API endpoint is undocumented. – 2017-08-01

Bump dependency on pushbullet-types to require version 0.4. This version includes important bug fixes for pushes sent by channels. – 2017-07-29

Bump dependency on pushbullet-types to require version 0.3. – 2017-04-30

Adjust argument order for a function, so Cursor arguments are always last. – 2017-02-20

The bulk of the library has been moved into a separate library pushbullet-types.

This library now just defines the Pushbullet API-as-a-type and applies servant-client’s client function to produce the functions for querying the Pushbullet API. Also included in this library proper is a utility function for consuming paginated data returned from Pushbullet. – 2017-02-10

Forgot to export all those lenses. – 2017-02-10

Still prerelease. This just adds a bunch of lenses using microlens-th. – 2017-02-07

Prerelease version that contains a (small) subset of the Pushbullet API. We aren’t sure yet if all our choices are good, e.g. the use of the EqT type family in conjunction with the Status datakind for turning fields on and off inside datatypes.

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