A simple gtk based Russian Roulette game.

Latest on Hackage:0.5.3

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BSD3 licensed by Anthony Simpson
To build and install this application you will need cabal, and preferably cabal-install. These instructions assume you have Cabal-Install installed, along with GHC 6.10.

Open up a terminal and type 'cabal install showdown-0.6' and wait as it installs dependencies and the application. After this has finished, if no errors emerge, the executable to start the application will be located at /home/<user>/.cabal/bin/showdown.

To play the game, start a new game by pressing the Fire!, or New Game button, or going to Game -> New. Enter player 1's desired name, and player 2's desired name and the number of cylinders you wish to be in the 'gun'. Once you have your settings how you want them, press start. Players take turns clicking the Fire! button or pressing enter. The game ends when one player bites the bullet!

This application was written to enhance my knowledge of Haskell and Gtk2hs. It was also a way to help me learn to design GUI's with Glade.
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