A library for more structured concurrent programming, based on the Actor Model

Latest on Hackage:0.4.0

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Brandon Simmons

simple-actors is an EDSL-style library for writing more structured concurrent programs, based on the Actor Model. Computations are structured as Behaviors which take a single input value, perform some Actions, and return the Behavior to process the next input message it receives.

We also extend the strict actor model in various elegant ways. See source for this type of discussion.

CHANGES: 0.3.0 - 0.4

  • extend Control.Concurrent.Actors.spawn to transparently support "joined mailboxes", i.e. join-patterns, supporting synchronization between actors. Control.Concurrent.Actors.spawn becomes polymorphic in new Control.Concurrent.Actors.Sources class

  • old spawn_ subsumed by polymorphic spawn, with ()

  • send and other send-like functions restricted to Mailboxes, use out to convert arbitrary chans to Mailboxes

  • productMb, faninMb, and fanoutMb renamed Control.Concurrent.Actors.contraProduct, Control.Concurrent.Actors.contraFanin, and Control.Concurrent.Actors.contraFanout, and given more general types

  • old spawnReading removed