The Observer pattern

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BSD3 licensed and maintained by Andy Gimblett

This is a Haskell implementation of the Observer design pattern [1,2],
providing a typeclass and an example implementation (Synchronous)
which is perfectly usable in its own right.

This package is based on Observable.hs by Bastiaan Heeren [3],
originally published as part of an exercise [4] for his students. It
has been modified, extended and packaged by Andy Gimblett [5,6].


* Implement a mechanism for removal of observers. Consider Tom
Lokhorst's suggestion on haskell-cafe [7].


2009.11.11 v0.0.1 - first release, renamed from observer to
simple-observer in recognition that there are more
sophisticated ways to skin this particular cat.

2009.10.30 v0.0.0 - first Cabalised version, unreleased.


[1] Gamma et al: `Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable
Object-Oriented Software', Addison-Wesley, 1994.
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