Declarative routing for Snap.

Latest on Hackage:0.3.1

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OtherLicense licensed by Toralf Wittner, Brendan Hay
Maintained by Toralf Wittner


This library provides the definition of a type-class Predicate together with several concrete implementations which are used to constrain the set of possible Snap handlers in a type-safe way.

A module Snap.Predicates.Tutorial is included, outlining the basic concepts.

Example Usage

main :: IO ()
main = do
    mapM_ putStrLn (showRoutes sitemap)
    quickHttpServe (route . expandRoutes $ sitemap)

sitemap :: Routes Snap ()
sitemap = do
    head_ "/status" (const $ return ())

    get  "/foo" listFoo $
        Accept Text Plain :&: ParamDef "off" 0 :&: ParamDef "size" 100

    post "/foo" createFoo $
        Accept Text Plain :&: ContentType Application Protobuf

listFoo :: MediaType Text Plain :*: Int :*: Int -> Snap ()
listFoo (_mt :*: _off :*: _size) = return ()

createFoo :: MediaType Text Plain :*: Content Application Protobuf -> Snap ()
createFoo (_mt :*: _ct) = return ()
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