Space partition data structures. Currently only a QuadTree.

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BSD3 licensed and maintained by Corey O'Connor
This library is still in the early stages. Expect the interface to change.

- rename Boundary data type
- rename HasBoundary type class.
- query should accept any suitable region.
- At least any axis aligned boxes not just square ones
- partition query into two forms:
- inclusive: Any element with bounds entirely within or partially the query bounds.
- exclusive: Any element with bounds entirely within the query bounds.
- Improve verification tests
- Test for proper distribution of inserted elements to nodes.
- Improve visualization tool
- interactive querying
- interactive insert
- remove FBO dependency.

- The following element_bounds_query_is_element_prop instance takes a significant amount of
Boundary {boundary_corner = (-8.6,-25.0), boundary_size = 0.1875}
Boundary {boundary_corner = (-23.541666666666668,11.666666666666666), boundary_size = 20.7}

The script "run_verify" compiles and executes the Verify.hs program. This is done in such a way
that any data-spacepart package installed is hidden and the modules are sourced directly from
the src folder.
The Verify.hs program just runs whatever QuickCheck tests I have thrown together. For each
module under src there is a corresponding module under Verify that contains it's Arbitrary
instances and verification properties.

The script "run_visualize" compiles and executes the QuadTreeVisualize program. This will be
compiled against the installed data-spacepart package.
The purpose of QuadTreeVisualize is to, well, visualize a random quadtree instance. in order to
run this program it's necessary to have OpenGL bindings that support FBO. I have a branch with
the required patches here:

The controls are:
- arrow keys move left, up, right, down.
- Shift-up and shift-down zoom in and zoom out respectively.

This visualization program should not require the FBO dependency. However it was pulled from a
different visualization system which did require FBOs. Removing this dependency is on the TODO

The version number of the library tries to follow the standard package version policy:

with the following addition: For the versiom number A.B.C.D D will be even for production releases
and odd for development versions.


- Renamed Math.Geometry to Data.SpacePart.AABB
- Renamed Data.QuadTree to Data.SpacePart.QuadTree
- Added Data.SpacePart.QuadTree.query. Returns all elements that intersect a given boundary.
- The inclusive nature of the boundary's min extent should take precedence of the exclusive
nature of the max extent.
Before this change many of the tests failed when boundaries of 0 area were involved. One case
that did not work was constructing a quadtree containing elements of 0 area. This change
corrected this.
The tests all_elements_inserted_query_prop and element_bounds_query_is_element_prop stil
fail if the element is of 0 area.
- Cannot create quadtrees with initial bounds of 0 area.
- Removed requirement on elements being an instance of the Intersectable class. The only
required instance is of Data.SpacePart.AABB.HasBoundary.
- Changed package name to spacepart instead of data-spacepart. The last release of
data-spacepart used a data based version number. This version number policy did not work well
with the standard package version policy.
- Added some QuickCheck based checks. Run with test/run_verify
- Cleaned up the module exports.

- Initial release.
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