Effective linear algebra on sparse matrices

Latest on Hackage:0.4.3

This package is not currently in any snapshots. If you're interested in using it, we recommend adding it to Stackage Nightly. Doing so will make builds more reliable, and allow to host generated Haddocks.

BSD3 licensed by Alexey Alekhin
Maintained by


This is a Haskell library providing effective representation for sparse matrices and some linear algebra on them.


  1. Dowload it:

    $ git clone git://
  2. Install

    $ cd sparse-lin-alg
    $ cabal install

That’s it!

There are some QuickCheck tests, but at the moment they don’t cover whole library.


If you run cabal haddock in the directory, where you downloaded library, you’ll get documentation and will be able to view it from the root at dist/doc/html/sparse-lin-alg/index.html.

You can also view it online at Hackage package page, but it may be not up to date.

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