3d math including quaternions/euler angles/dcms and utility functions

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Greg Horn
Maintained by [email protected]
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3d math including quaternions/euler angles/dcms and utility functions.

This is a port of my ‘mathlib’ C library: and may someday be merged with it.


- convert to using `linear` V3, M33, Quaternion types
- doctests
- fix long unknown bug: rotateXyzAbout{X,Y,Z} was rotating opposite direction from intended
- Serialize a => Serialize (Euler a)
- Binary a => Binary (Euler a)

- add Ord instances

- instance Applicative Euler
- specialized dcmOfEuler321 without Ord constraint

- use ArcTan2 instead of RealFloat
- unsafe specialized euler321OrDcm without Ord constraint
- primitive implementation of quatOfDcm