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MPL-2.0 licensed by Oskar Wickström


A local version of sqsd, the daemon that runs in Elastic Beanstalk’s Worker Environments.


Usage: sqsd-local WORKER_QUEUE_NAME [options]


  -h             --help                         Print this help message
  -V             --version                      Print the CLI version
  -u URL         --worker-url=URL               Specify the worker URL to send POST requests to (default: http://localhost:5000)
  -d NAME        --dead-letter-queue-name=NAME  Name of the SQS queue to send messages to which the worker failed processing (no default)
  -T NAME        --http-timeout=NAME            Timeout in seconds for the HTTP POST request to worker (default: 30)
  -C MEDIA_TYPE  --content-type=MEDIA_TYPE      Content-Type header value to use in HTTP POST request to worker (default: application/octet-stream)
                 --sqs-host=MEDIA_TYPE          SQS endpoint host (default: localhost)
                 --sqs-port=MEDIA_TYPE          SQS endpoint port (default: 9324)
                 --forked                       If messages should be POSTed to the worker concurrently (default: false)



  • Stack
  • The stack path --bin-path on your PATH

Install from Hackage:

stack install sqsd-local

Install from source:

git clone git@github.com:owickstrom/sqsd-local.git
cd sqsd-local
stack setup
stack install


Mozilla Public License Version 2.0

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