Stompl Conduit Client

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LGPL licensed by Tobias Schoofs
Maintained by tobias dot schoofs at gmx dot net

The Stomp Protocol specifies message-oriented interoperability. Applications connect to a message broker to send (publish) or receive (subscribe) messages through queues. Interoperating applications do not know the location or internal structure of each other. They see only each other's interfaces, i.e. the messages published and subscribed through a broker.

The Stomp Queue library provides a Stomp client, using abstractions like Reader and Writer Queues. The Stomp Conduit library provides an abstraction level on top of queues, where not single messages are in the focus of the API, but streams of messages, either infinite streams or multipart messages with an explicit last message segment. The latter concept is an extension of the Stomp specification.

More information, examples and a test suite are available on The Stomp specification can be found at



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