A Haskell implementation of the Stripe API.

Latest on Hackage:0.8.3

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BSD3 licensed by Spearhead Development, L.L.C.
This is an unofficial Haskell implementation of the [Stripe API][sapi].

**Note** that this has worked in my tests, but I have not used it in production
yet. Try it thoroughly and let me know if you
[find any bugs]( or
[have any improvements](


Installation is simple. If you have [cabal](
installed, just run:

cabal install stripe

and you'll be on your way!

Example Usage

{-# LANGUAGE OverloadedStrings #-}

import Web.Stripe.Charge (Amount (..), Charge (..), Count (..),
Currency (..), Offset (..), getCharges)
import Web.Stripe.Client (SecretKey (..), StripeConfig, defaultConfig,

-- The secret key below is used on the live Stripe API documentation. In
-- practice, you should always store your secret key securely.
conf :: StripeConfig
conf = defaultConfig $ SecretKey "sk_test_mkGsLqEW6SLnZa487HYfJVLf"

main :: IO ()
main = do
amounts <- runStripeT conf $ do
charges <- getCharges Nothing (Just $ Count 5) (Just $ Offset 1)
return $ map getAmt charges
either err (putStrLn . show) amounts
getAmt c = (unAmount $ chargeAmount c, unCurrency $ chargeCurrency c)
err _ = putStrLn "Uh-oh! It didn't work :-("

Which produces the output along the lines of:


* This package currently does not implement Stripe invoices.


First, consult the Haddock and [Stripe API][sapi] docs to be certain you're
using the API correctly. It's a good idea to
[try another library]( first to see if it
works there. If you think you might be misunderstanding the API, or having an
issue with Stripe itself, it's best to
[contact them](

If all of that fails, or if you otherwise think it's an issue with this
implementation of the API, please submit an issue here. Better yet, submit
a pull request with a proposed solution!


* [Michael Schade](
* [Luke Hoersten](
* [Max Cantor](


We like the MIT license. See `LICENSE`.

[sapi]: "Stripe API"
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