A revival of the classic game Stunts (LambdaCube tech demo)

Latest on Hackage:0.1.2

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BSD3 licensed by Csaba Hruska, Gergely Patai
Maintained by csaba (dot) hruska (at) gmail (dot) com
Stunts example for LambdaCube

Original game:

Copy the above zip file wherever the program asks you to.

You can compile a version that looks for resources in the current
directory with --flags=portable.

Command line arguments (both optional):

--car=n - select car (n should be between 0 and 10)
--track=<trackfile> - track to ride on

Tracks readily available in the original game:


In-game controls:

W/A/S/D - control car
R - rescue car
1-3 - switch camera (1 - close, 2 - distant, 3 - user)
arrows+mouse - control user camera
right shift - faster movement with user camera
P - start/stop screen capture (only if installed with --flags=capture)
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