A parser for .srt and .sub files

Latest on Hackage:0.5

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BSD3 licensed and maintained by Ruben Astudillo

A basic .srt and .sub parser based on attoparsec and text


- the hack of avoiding peekChar in attoparsec was fixed upstream, now we can
deprecate the hack. This changed the API so we had to bump.
- Optional flags for SRT added, this modify where the text is displayed
- Optional flags for SUB added.
- Test case for the two parser based on the examples and HUnit
- Show instances for SRT now are simpler and more related on how is defined
the ADT. this is a PARSER not a prettyPrinter nor a valid .srt producer
- SUB files added support for optional flag as underline and bold
- SRT's parseDialog now uses peekChar so attoparsec dependency is upgraded and
the code is cleaner. As a bug we provide for now parseOnly' until is fixed
- Basic support for .sub files added
- Separated Datatypes for .sub and .srt files
- Now haddock documentation is build correctly
- Initial release
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