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BSD3 licensed by Peter Selinger

This package extends Cabal's documentation building capabilities. It extends the Haddock markup language with syntax for subscripts, superscripts, bold text, non-breaking spaces, and images. Moreover, it works around various bugs in Haddock's and HsColour's Unicode support, making it possible to use UTF8 encodings in both source code and documentation comments.

This package is designed to work transparently. It provides a custom main function that package maintainers can use in their Setup.hs file. In most cases, this is as simple as setting the build-type to Custom, adding superdoc to the package dependencies, and putting the following two lines into Setup.hs:

import Distribution.Superdoc
main = superdocMain

For more information on the available markup, see Distribution.Superdoc.



v0.1.2.5 2017/11/09
(2017/11/09) PS1 - updated the package to work with cabal 2.0.

v0.1.2.4 2016/07/27
(2016/07/27) PS1 - loosened package dependencies to accommodate
older versions of ghc and base.

v0.1.2.3 2016/07/11
(2016/07/11) PS1 - updated package dependencies.
(2016/07/11) PS1 - updated Unicode armor so it doesn't clash with
Haddock's new boldface feature.

v0.1.2.2 2015/08/15
(2015/08/15) PS1 - relaxed package dependencies.

v0.1.2.1 2014/10/08
(2014/10/07) PS1 - updated dependencies to permit base 4.7 and
cabal >= 1.16.

v0.1.2.0 2014/02/12
(2014/02/12) PS1 - added new "center" tag, for centering.

v0.1.1.0 2013/12/14
(2013/12/14) PS1 - added a bootstrapping mode, so that Superdoc
can generate its own documentation when it is not yet installed.

v0.1.0.0 2013/12/10
Initial public release.
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