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OtherLicense licensed and maintained by Brent Lintner



This is the Haskell implementation of Synt.

Supported Languages

  • Haskel

For more languages, see the top level Synt project.


cabal install synt


synt -h

Reading In Files

synt -c Foo.hs -t Bar.hs

Comparing Strings

synt -s -c "x = x ^ 2" -t "x = x * 2"


cabal sandbox init
./bin/configure 1
./bin/build 1


This is your go to:

cabal configure --enable-tests
cabal test

This also runs the tests without compiling, etc:


Using In Code

This is a TODO. :-)

In the meantime, please figure out at your own risk, or use the top level project.

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