Efficient signal processing using runtime compilation

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LicenseRef-GPL licensed and maintained by Henning Thielemann

Efficient signal processing using runtime compilation and vector instructions. It uses LLVM library, thus it is not bound to a specific CPU. There are some example executables that you can build with Cabal flag buildExamples:

  • synthi-llvm-render: Render a MIDI file into an audio file using some arbitrary instruments.

  • synthi-llvm-alsa: A realtime software synthesizer that receives MIDI events via ALSA and in response plays tones via ALSA. If you have no ALSA (or Linux at all), then you can disable this example with -f-alsa.

  • synthi-llvm-jack: The same realtime software synthesizer using JACK. If you have no JACK, then you can disable this example with -f-jack.

  • synthi-llvm-example: Not very useful as an executable. You should better load the according module into GHCi and play around with it. The module Synthesizer.LLVM.LAC2011 should be especially useful for an introduction.


Change log for the synthesizer-llvm package


  • Compiled code is now freed by the garbage collector if it is no longer needed.

  • reverbSimple: No longer add the original signal. Every partial comb filter maintains it anyway.

  • In CausalParameterized.Process: reverb -> reverbSimple reverbEfficient -> reverb

  • added many export lists

  • For GHC-7.10 we had to separate ProcessOf type functions from synthesizer-core:CausalClass. We adapt to this change here.

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