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This library provides abstract data type named Filesystem.CanonicalPath.CanonicalPath and some useful functions for working with it.

Changes * fix environment variables test suite * fix and update test suites remove UnsafePath data type. It was synonym to FilePath and was confusing me sometimes, so I decided to cut it off rename cpathToText to toText' remove pathToText and textToPath export toText and fromText from Filesystem.Path.CurrentOS export fromPrelude and toPrelude functions improve performance (path canonicalization now is performed 1.6x faster than before) improve canonicalPath error messages. Most important - now it respects errors from System.Directory.canonicalizePath add tests add travis support update documentation add cpathToText that converts CanonicalPath to Text update base version constraints * add functions that return unit instead of CanonicalPath to Directory module * add CanonicalPath constructors that works with Text instead of UnsafePath * most of functions are in MonadIO m now instead of IO add writeFile' add some type conversion functions * update documentation Filesystem.CanonicalPath.Directory implementation Add documentation * Initial implementation of library

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