Transito Abierto: convenience library when using Takusen and Oracle. not available

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BSD3 licensed by Leonel Fonseca
Maintained by Leonel Fonseca
This is TrĂ¡nsito Abierto Library Version 0.1. (September 2010).

To install use:

cabal install ta

In case you want to play a bit with the examples, take note of this:

The examples use a database table that can be created using the
script make_twoColumns.sql.

RCSdef.lhs contains definitions used by Ex01.lhs and Ex02.lhs.

You can make executables:

ghc --make Ex01
ghc --make Ex02

You download a document with examples at:


Or you can use lhs2TeX on Database/TA/Examples/Examples.lhs.

If you want to work in the library, you may want a structured way to
browse the source files via Haddock:

runghc setup haddock --hyperlink-source
runghc setup copy
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