Simple wrappers for timing IO actions (single-threaded) http://github.com/ucsd-progsys/tagged-timers

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MIT licensed by Ranjit Jhala
Maintained by jhala@cs.ucsd.edu


tagged-timers is a simple package for timing different IO that occur within a program and grouping the results according to dynamically generated String tags.


For a simple example of usage, see examples/Example.hs

main :: IO ()
main = do
  t <- T.create
  T.time t "cat" (act "cat" 5)
  T.time t "dog" (act "dog" 2)
  r <- T.result t
  putStrLn $ "Time Result: " ++ show r

which, when executed, yields the following behavior:

Prelude> :l examples/Example.hs
*Main> main
Starting action cat
Oh so sleepy...
(5 seconds later)
Finished action cat
Starting action dog
Oh so sleepy...
(2 seconds later)
Finished action dog
Time Result: [("cat",5.003739s),("dog",2.003825s)]
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