A library encoding the rules of Tak, and a playtak.com client. http://bitbucket.org/sffubs/tak

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BSD2 licensed by Henry Bucklow
Maintained by henry@elsie.org.uk

Tak is a new abstract strategy game, devised by James Earnest (of Cheapass Games), and Patrick Rothfuss, author of The Wise Man's Fear, where the game of Tak was first mentioned. This is a library which encodes the rules of Tak, provides a client for the popular playtak.com server, and contributes an AI tak bot for the same server. This package provides 3 top level modules: Tak encodes the rules of Tak, as a game tree, containing all possible moves. This tree is extremely large, so be careful not to strictly evaluate it! PlayTak provides functions for maintaining a connection to playtak.com, receiving messages, and sending commands. This could be used to implement a fully-fledged game client, or a playtak.com bot. PlayTakBot is a framework to make it easy to build a playtak.com bot. It will maintain a connection, seek games, and create a game tree. The bot implementor just needs to provide functions to evaluate a game state, and choose the next play from each game state.

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