The Tamarin prover for security protocol analysis.

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LicenseRef-GPL licensed by Benedikt Schmidt, Simon Meier
Maintained by Simon Meier

Note that the tamarin-prover should be installed from source as described in its README at

The Tamarin prover is a tool for the analysis of security protocols. It implements a constraint solving algorithm that supports both falsification and verification of security protocols with respect to an unbounded number of sessions. The underlying security protocol model uses multiset rewriting to specify protocols and adversary capabilities, a guarded fragment of first-order logic to specify security properties, and equational theories to model the algebraic properties of cryptographic operators.

The paper describing the theory underlying the Tamarin prover was accepted at CSF 2012. Its extended version is available from

The Tamarin prover supports both a batch analysis mode and the interactive construction of security proofs using a GUI. Example protocols and the user guide are installed together with the prover. Just call the tamarin-prover executable without any arguments to get more information.

The Tamarin prover uses maude ( as a unification backend and GraphViz ( to visualize constraint systems. Detailed instructions for installing the Tamarin prover are given at