automated integration of QuickCheck properties into tasty suites

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BSD3 licensed by John P. Feltz
Maintained by jfeltz@gmail.com

This brings automated test-suite creation (such as what naturally occurs in Eclipse) to the Haskell world. This is a set of programs to automate the otherwise manual editing needed to combine new tests (QuickCheck) into test-groupings (tasty test framework).

Given a set of Modules containing properties:

$ ls tests/Data/*
QcIntegrated.hs  QcModulePath.hs  QcSuite.hs

Example use on a suite already importing the Modules above:

$ tasty-integrate --masking test-suites/Suites.hs tests/Data/QcIntegrated.hs
(changed) suite at: test-suites/Suite.hs
   Data.QcModulePath, 2 property(s)
   Data.QcSuite, 1 property(s)
   Data.QcIntegrated, 3 property(s)

The created suites are IDE parsable, and errors can resolve to their original file. So using the provided ide-format program from this package:

$ ./build/dist/suite/suite | ide-format
tests/Data/QcSuite.hs|20 error | buf_isomorphism
  *** Failed! Falsifiable (after 1 test):
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