A small Haskell wrapper around the TempoDB api. https://github.com/ixmatus/hs-tempodb

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BSD3 licensed by Parnell Springmeyer
Maintained by parnell@ixmat.us
* Welcome!
This is a small Haskell wrapper around the [[http://tempo-db.com][TempoDB]] REST API.

** Usage is easy
Create your basic auth record, keys and secrets are newtyped (I
always mix up which one goes first) and run one of the method
functions with the runTempoDB monad.

#+BEGIN_SRC <language haskell>
λ: import Database.Tempodb
λ: let a = BasicAuth (ApiKey "mykey") (ApiSec "mysecret")
λ: runTempoDB a $ seriesList Nothing
λ: runTempoDB a $ seriesList [("key", "somekey"), ("key", "another")]

#+BEGIN_SRC <language haskell>
λ: :set -XOverloadedStrings
λ: import Data.ByteString.Char8 as C8
λ: import Database.Tempodb
λ: let a = BasicAuth (ApiKey "mykey") (ApiSec "mysecret")
λ: :{
λ: runTempoDB a $ do
λ: f <- seriesList $ Just [("key", "somekey"), ("key", "another")]
λ: r <- seriesList Nothing
λ: liftIO . C8.putStrLn $ C8.concat ["Results: ", f, r]
λ: :}
λ: [][]


-*- mode: org -*-

The script used to generate this document can be found here:

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