A completely type-safe library for linear algebra http://noaxiom.org/tensor

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GPL-3 licensed by Federico Squartini, Nicola Squartini
Maintained by Nicola Squartini

This library defines data types and classes for fixed dimension vectors and tensors. See the homepage http://noaxiom.org/tensor for more details, or Data.Tensor.Examples for a short tutorial.



- Prettified code.

Version 0.3.0

- New backend `Data.Tensor.Pure`.
- `QuickCheck` tests.
- Instance of `Applicative`.
- New method `generateM` in class `Tensor`, and new function `replicateM`.
- Removed classes: `FromVector` and `Zip` (use `liftA2` from `Applicative`).
- New class instances for `Tensor`: `Bounded`, `Random`.
- Removed `Ord` instances for `MultiIndex`es.
- Bug fixes and code improvements.

Version 0.2.0

- Added GHC.Generics support for `Cardinality` class.
- New classes: `Sliceable` in `Data.Tensor`, `Component`, `Extend` and
`HeadTail` in `Data.TypeList`, `Dimensions` in `Data.TypeList.MultiIndex`.
- Removed classes: `MatrixProduct` and `TensorProduct` from
- New functions: `elemMap` and `indexMap` in `Data.Tensor`.
- New method `split` in class `DirectSum` for splitting into the two components.
- New methods in class `SquareMatrix`: `polyEval` for evaluating a polynomial on
a matrix, and `minPoly` for computing the minimal polynomial.
- The methods `dimensions` in `Data.TypeList.MultiIndex` and `dims` in
`Data.Tensor` are replaced by the method `dimensions` of the new class
- Bug fixes and code improvements.
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