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MIT licensed by Martin Avanzini, Bertram Felgenhauer, Christian Sternagel, Ilya Epifanov

Yet Another Term Rewriting Library.

This library provides basic data types and functionality for first order term rewriting.


- Changelog

version 0.2.1
- add Term.mapSides, Rule.map, Rules.map, Problem.map
- fix build with ghc-8.0.2 (and remove overlapping instance)

version 0.2
- fix argument order of Data.Rewriting.Rule.isVariantOf

- fix build with ghc-7.10.1

- fix Data.Rewriting.CriticalPair.cpsIn and cpsOut

version 0.1.2
- update to parsec >= 3.1.6 API (thanks alpako!)

version 0.1.1
- no changelog (yet?)
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