A semantic parser for lojban http://mbays.freeshell.org/tersmu

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GPL-3 licensed by Martin Bays
Maintained by mbays@sdf.org

tersmu is a semantic parser for the engineered human language Lojban
(www.lojban.org). It translates lojban text to a predicate logic.

Please note that this is an entirely unofficial project. Although the aim to
follow baseline prescription where feasible, the semantics this program
attributes to lojban text may in some cases be non-standard and/or wrong.

See the examples/ directory for some examples, BUGS for limitations, docs/ for
other documentation.

tersmu is in hackage, so it should just be a matter of
cabal install tersmu

Lojban.hs and Morphology.hs are generated from the corresponding .pappy files,
using a bugfixed version of Bryan Ford's Pappy. Please see the Makefile for
details on that.

docs/overview is intended as a guide to the general architecture of the code.
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