A simple Haskell program to provide tags for Haskell code completion in TextMate https://github.com/spockz/Haskell-Code-Completion-for-TextMate

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MIT licensed by Alessandro Vermeulen
Maintained by Alessandro Vermeulen
TextMate Tags Readme

Author: Alessandro Vermeulen <alessandrovermeulen@me.com>


install this hackage package. Then add the following *Preference* to your
Haskell bundle:

{ completionCommand = '#! /bin/sh

~/.cabal/bin/textmatetags $TM_FILEPATH $TM_CURRENT_WORD'; }

Or, if you use the Haskell bundle by Jamis Buck
(http://weblog.jamisbuck.org/2005/11/1/haskell-bundle-for-textmate) you can use
the Haskell bundle provided in this repository. It is a diff to his bundle.

If your TextMate file is in the root of your source directory, or your TextMate
project has the source folder as its root you are set. If not, place a file
called `.srcdir' in the root of your TextMate project containing on the first
line the location of the source directory relative to the TextMate project

The github repository for this project can be found at:

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