Parse and format HTTP/1.1 Date and Time strings http://cielonegro.org/HTTPDateTime.html

Latest on Hackage:0.5

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LicenseRef-PublicDomain licensed and maintained by PHO <pho AT cielonegro DOT org>

This package provides functionalities to parse and format various Date and Time formats allowed in HTTP/1.1 (http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc2616#section-3.3).


== time-http-0.5 / 2012-01-03
* Use data-default to provide default parsers.
== time-http-0.4 / 2011-12-16
* bugfix: Don't forget that conversion from ZonedTime to RFC-822 date and time can fail, due to its Y2K problem.
== time-http-0.3 / 2011-12-15
* Use tagged and convertible
== time-http-0.2 / 2011-10-03
* Use attoparsec, ascii and blaze-builder
* Create a test suite using QuickCheck
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