Assorted decision procedures for SAT, SMT, Max-SAT, PB, MIP, etc

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It provides solver implementations of various problems including SAT, SMT, Max-SAT, PBS (Pseudo Boolean Satisfaction), PBO (Pseudo Boolean Optimization), MILP (Mixed Integer Linear Programming) and non-linear real arithmetic.

In particular it contains moderately-fast pure-Haskell SAT solver ‘toysat’.


  • unpack
  • cd toysolver
  • cabal install


This package includes several commands.


Arithmetic solver for the following problems:

  • Mixed Integer Liner Programming (MILP or MIP)
  • Boolean SATisfiability problem (SAT)
  • PB
    • Pseudo Boolean Satisfaction (PBS)
    • Pseudo Boolean Optimization (PBO)
    • Weighted Boolean Optimization (WBO)
  • Max-SAT families
    • Max-SAT
    • Partial Max-SAT
    • Weighted Max-SAT
    • Weighted Partial Max-SAT
  • Real Closed Field


toysolver [OPTION...] [file.lp|file.mps]
toysolver --lp [OPTION...] [file.lp|file.mps]
toysolver --sat [OPTION...] [file.cnf]
toysolver --pb [OPTION...] [file.opb]
toysolver --wbo [OPTION...] [file.wbo]
toysolver --maxsat [OPTION...] [file.cnf|file.wcnf]

-h  --help           show help
-v  --version        show version number
    --solver=SOLVER  mip (default), omega-test, cooper, cad, old-mip, ct


SAT-based solver for the following problems:

  • SAT
    • Boolean SATisfiability problem (SAT)
    • Minimally Unsatisfiable Subset (MUS)
    • Group-Oriented MUS (GMUS)
  • PB
    • Pseudo Boolean Satisfaction (PBS)
    • Pseudo Boolean Optimization (PBO)
    • Weighted Boolean Optimization (WBO)
  • Max-SAT families
    • Max-SAT
    • Partial Max-SAT
    • Weighted Max-SAT
    • Weighted Partial Max-SAT
  • Integer Programming (all variables must be bounded)


toysat [file.cnf|-]
toysat --sat [file.cnf|-]
toysat --mus [file.gcnf|file.cnf|-]
toysat --pb [file.opb|-]
toysat --wbo [file.wbo|-]
toysat --maxsat [file.cnf|file.wcnf|-]
toysat --lp [file.lp|file.mps|-]

PB’12 competition result:

  • toysat placed 2nd in PARTIAL-BIGINT-LIN and SOFT-BIGINT-LIN categories
  • toysat placed 4th in PARTIAL-SMALLINT-LIN and SOFT-SMALLINT-LIN categories
  • toysat placed 8th in OPT-BIGINT-LIN category


SMT solver based on toysat.


toysmt [file.smt2]

Currently only QF_UF, QF_RDL, QF_LRA, QF_UFRDL and QF_UFLRA logic are supported.


SAT-based finite model finder for first order logic (FOL).


toyfmf [file.tptp] [size]


Converter between various problem files.


toyconvert -o [outputfile] [inputfile]

Supported formats:

  • Input formats: .cnf .wcnf .opb .wbo .gcnf .lp .mps
  • Output formats: .cnf .wcnf .opb .wbo .lsp .lp .mps .smp .smt2 .ys



  • Local search



  • new solvers:
    • ToySolver.BitVector
    • ToySolver.Combinatorial.BipartiteMatching
    • ToySolver.Combinatorial.HittingSet.DAA
    • ToySolver.Combinatorial.HittingSet.MARCO
    • ToySolver.Arith.DifferenceLogic
    • ToySolver.Graph.ShortestPath
    • ToySolver.QBF
  • toysat
    • add --init-sp option to initialize variable state using survey propagation
    • allow using UBCSAT when solving PBO/WBO problems
  • toysmt
    • suport bit-vector logic
  • toyconvert
    • pbconvert and lpconvert were merged into a single command toyconvert
    • add --ksat=NUMBER option to convert to k-SAT formula
    • add --linearlize and --linearizer-pb options
    • add --remove-usercuts option
  • add new modules to ToySolver.Converter
    • ToySolver.Converter.GCNF2MaxSAT
    • ToySolver.Converter.MIP2PB
    • ToySolver.Converter.PBLinearlization
    • ToySolver.Converter.SAT2KSAT
  • ToySolver.SAT
    • introduce type classes for adding constraints
    • ToySolver.SAT.Encoder.Tseitin: add XOR and Full-adder encoder
    • ToySolver.SAT.Encoder.PB: add functionality to encode PB constraint using adder networks and sorting networks
    • ToySolver.SAT.MUS.Enum: add GurvichKhachiyan1999 and MARCO to the MUS enumeration methods
    • implement learning rate based branching heuristics
    • add ToySolver.SAT.ExistentialQuantification
    • add ToySolver.SAT.Store.CNF and ToySolver.SAT.Store.PB
    • implement survey propagation as ToySolver.SAT.MessagePassing.SurveyPropagation
  • Data.MIP
    • parameterize Problem type with coefficient type and use Scientific as default
    • introduce Status type
    • add solution file parsers: ToySolver.Data.MIP.Solution.{CBC,CPLEX,GLPK,Gurobi,SCIP}
    • add solver wrapper modules: ToySolver.MIP.Solver.{CBC,CPLEX,Glpsol,GurobiCl,LPSolve,SCIP}
  • add a QDimacs parser as ToySolver.Text.QDimacs
  • add ToySolver.Text.CNF, ToySolver.Text.QDimacs
  • switch to use megaparsec
  • use clock package for measuring duration
  • add simple numberlink solver sample


  • add experimental SMT (Satisfiablity Modulo Theories) solver ‘toysmt’, which supports theory of uninterpreted functions and linear real arithmetics.
  • fix toysat to output model in Max-SAT format instead of PB/WBO format when solving Max-SAT problems
  • add experimental getAssumptionsImplications functions to ToySolver.SAT module.
  • add getFixedLiterals to ToySolver.SAT module.
  • use ‘mwc-random’ package instead of ‘random’ package.
  • introduce ‘Config’ data type in ToySolver.SAT to simplify configulation management.
  • add subset-sum problem solver
  • implement backracking and explanation generation in simplex solver and congruence closure solver.


  • split OPB/WBO file library into a serarate ‘pseudo-boolean’ library.
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