A pager for grep

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BSD3 licensed by Franz Thoma

vgrep – A pager for grep



  • As a pager:

    grep -rn data /some/path | vgrep  # -n for line numbers
  • As a drop-in replacement for grep:

    vgrep data /some/path                  # recursive by default
    vgrep data /some/path | vgrep default  # works with pipes, too
  • With a git alias defined in your ~/.gitconfig:

    git config --global alias.vgrep '!__git_vgrep () { git grep --color=always "$@" | vgrep; }; __git_vgrep'
    git vgrep data
  • Using ack/ag instead of grep? No problem:

    ack data | vgrep           # Output of `ack` is compatible
    ack --color data | vgrep   # Even coloring works
    ag --color data | vgrep    # Same for `ag`


  • Use hjkl or the arrow keys to navigate
  • Enter opens a pager with the selected file
  • e opens the selected file in $EDITOR
  • Tab switches between results list and pager
  • q closes the pager and then the entire application.



Debian/Ubuntu: .deb files are available for the latest release.

sudo dpkg -i vgrep_0.2.0.0-1_amd64.deb

From Hackage

Installation from Hackage via stack is recommended:

stack update
stack install vgrep

This will install vgrep to your ~/.local/bin directory.

From source

git clone
cd vgrep
stack setup
stack install




  • Add support for aeson 1.2.x to enable build with Stackage LTS 10.x


  • Add support for aeson 1.x to enable build with Stackage LTS 9.x
  • Add less-like keybindings Ctrl-u, Ctrl-d (half-page-up/down, only in pager) and Ctrl-b, Ctrl-f (full-page-up/down).


  • Added support for a config file: A YAML file located at ~/.vgrep/config.yaml is recognized as configuration file for colors, keybindings and other settings. The default config file can be produced using vgrep --dump-default-config > ~/.vgrep/config.yaml.
  • Added support for colorized input (ANSI CSI/SGR escape codes). vgrep can now be used together wit grep --color=always (and git grep --color=always), which is now enabled by default when using vgrep as drop-in replacement for grep.


  • Switch to strict Text
  • Less dependent on template-haskell


  • User events (like key events) now have priority over other events, the UI does not block any more.
  • --help and --version now produce sensible output.


  • Fix pageUp in Results view


  • Performance improvements
  • Tests for Pager and Results widget
  • Haddock documentation


  • Fixed j/k keys in pager view
  • Additional h/l// keybindings for horizontal scrolling in pager
  • Matching lines are now highlighted in pager view


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