A web server for the development of WAI compliant web applications. https://github.com/urbanslug/wai-devel

Latest on Hackage:

This package is not currently in any snapshots. If you're interested in using it, we recommend adding it to Stackage Nightly. Doing so will make builds more reliable, and allow stackage.org to host generated Haddocks.

MIT licensed by Njagi Mwaniki
Maintained by njagi@urbanslug.com


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Development server for WAI compliant haskell web applications.


From hackage

  • stack install wai-devel
  • cabal install wai-devel

From source

  • cd wai-devel
  • stack build
  • stack install
  • cd wai-devel
  • cabal build
  • cabal install

The wai-devel binary will now be in your ~/.local/bin you can use it freely.


See the wiki.


No contributing page yet. Just read the haddocks.
See the wai-devel minimal reproduction in the wiki.


Doesn’t recompile on changes in Template Haskell files. Here is the specific issue.

Coming next

  • Provide a dashboard page with compilation status, GC stats, and other such useful meta-information.
  • Port to windows. This depends on ide-backend getting ported to Windows.


22 Aug 2015

11 Oct 2015

  • Added support for cabal binary.
  • Can find dependencies from stack’s extra-deps field of stack.yaml
  • Added better test coverage.

21 Dec 2015

  • Change license to MIT to better go with other WAI projects.
  • Added –version or -v to print wai-devel version.

11 Feb 2016

  • Build progress in the browser
  • Pushed the resolver up to lts-5.2
  • Fixed haddocks
  • Fixed issue #16

12 Feb 2016

  • Version bump
  • Fixed issue #21
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