Haskell web app framework based on WAI & Warp https://github.com/natesymer/webapp

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MIT licensed and maintained by Nathaniel Symer

Web.App - WAI web framework

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Web.App is a general, minimalist Haskell web framework. See Haddock documentation and example.hs.

Usage notes

  1. Web.App can either be ran standalone (i.e. look ma, no nginx!) or behind other server programs.
  • To bind to privileged ports, your program must be executable as root. Privileges are resigned after the port is bound.
  • Web.App uses Warp under the hood to serve a WAI app based on provided routes.
  • SSL & HTTP2 are supported.
  1. Web.App provides a function called webappMain (as well as a series of other similarly named functions) that start your app.
  • Your program’s main function should finish with a call to one of them.
  1. Web.App also provides command line options for controlling the HTTP server.
  • It also provides


webapp changelog

v 0.0.1

  • Initial release

v 0.0.2

  • Fix omitted module in webapp.cabal: Web.App.Monad.Internal

v 0.1.0

  • Included a new example: a counter app with an additional CLI parser.
  • Implemented a “util” CLI subcommand where you can “mount” an optparse-applicative @Parser@. See example.
  • Fixed termination handlers. Previously, they weren’t installed when using HTTPS due to a bug in warp-tls. This has been remedied. Additionally, these handlers would destroy the initial state, rather than the current state from the @TVar@.

v 0.2.0

  • Complete rewrite
  • New WAI-based web framework
    • Routing with captures, regexes, and literals
    • Streaming body based around writeBody function
      • Allow data structures to be streamed via the ‘ToStream’ typeclass.
    • Typesafe parameter coersion

v 0.2.1

- `stream` function can now optionally flush. `stream'` will always flush. This may improve list streaming functionality.

v 0.4.0

- Breaking change; refactor internals & simplify `Web.App.RouteT`
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