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BSD3 licensed by Kyle
Maintained by me@khanson.io

Implements basic functionality for:

Gives instances of Auth, Session and Cache backends for Wheb.

In action:

Use with language extensions OverloadedStrings

 import Web.Wheb
 import Web.Wheb.Plugins.Redis

 data MyCtx = MyCtx RedisContainer

 instance RedisApp MyCtx where
   getRedisContainer (MyCtx rc) = rc

 main :: IO ()
 main = do
   opts <- generateOptions $ do
       r <- initRedis defaultConnectInfo
       addGET "home" rootPat ((runRedis $ get "hello") >>= (text . spack))
       return (MyCtx r, ())

   runRawHandler opts $ do
       runRedis $ set "hello" "world"

   runWhebServer opts
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