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BSD3 licensed and maintained by Ertugrul Söylemez


This is a functional reactive programming library for interactive applications with the following features:

  • heavy focus on real-time applications like games and simulations,

  • very small core abstraction,

  • efficient in both time and space.

Until a proper tutorial has been written, please check out the examples directory. If you have questions, join #haskell-game on irc.freenode.net. If you would like to report a bug or request a feature, please file an issue.

Module overview

The library is split into two roles: applications and controllers. An application developer models interactions and implements reactive systems, i.e. the application logic. A controller developer implements the glue between the application and the real world, i.e. how events and time-varying values map to actual things on the screen or in the network. The module structure reflects that distinction:

  • Control.Wire: Application language (basically core + utils)
  • Control.Wire.Controller: Controller language
  • Control.Wire.Core: Core application language
  • Control.Wire.Internal: You should never need this module
  • Control.Wire.Utils: Extra application utilities

Modules not listed here are highly experimental and should not be used.

If you are asking yourself whether you are an application or a controller developer: at this early stage of development you are probably both, which means that you will write the application as well as connect its inputs and outputs to the real world.



  • Fix: bumped version bounds

  • Fix: more strictness fixes

  • Fix: README.md formatting for Hackage

  • Add: Semigroup and generalised Monoid instances for Event



  • Breaking change: Safer API for manage and manage'

  • Fix: wire strictness; strict value recursion like the following works now:

    rec x <- scan x0 -< x `seq` ev
  • Change: tighter version bounds

  • Add: event functions splitE, unalignE, unlessE

  • Add: wire transforms asksW, askW, hoistW, runReaderW



  • Initial version.
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