Optics for xml-conduit and html-conduit https://github.com/supki/xml-html-conduit-lens#readme

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BSD3 licensed by Fumiaki Kinoshita, Matvey Aksenov
Maintained by Matvey Aksenov


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Optics for xml-conduit and html-conduit


  • Supported xml-conduit-1.4 and lens-4.15

  • Put missing files in the source distribution

  • Add texts

  • Re-export ParseSettings and RenderSettings

  • Helpers to render values of Element type

  • Complete set of isos/prisms for types in Text.XML

  • attr is now a Lens, not a Traversal, so it can add and remove attributes from the node

  • Ixed instance for Element traverses child Elements instead of attributes

  • Avoid working with def directly, instead take settings endomorphisms as arguments in *With functions

  • Add ixOf to aid indexing subnodes chosen by a Traversal

  • Update to lens-4.0

  • Maintenance: Upper bound on lens

  • Initial release
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