BSD-3-Clause licensed and maintained by Vincent Hanquez
This version can be pinned in stack with:certificate-1.3.9@sha256:6b4b703a1c34a9fa3e0223f3ff2796183c7b9b7351da1ad34478225637e837ba,2769

Module documentation for 1.3.9

  • Data
    • Data.Certificate
      • Data.Certificate.KeyDSA
      • Data.Certificate.KeyRSA
      • Data.Certificate.X509
        • Data.Certificate.X509.Cert
        • Data.Certificate.X509.Ext
    • Data.CertificateStore
  • System
    • System.Certificate
      • System.Certificate.X509
        • System.Certificate.X509.MacOS
        • System.Certificate.X509.Unix

Certificates and Key reader/writer

At the moment only X509 certificate and unencrypted private key are supported, but will include PGP certificate and pkcs8 private keys