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  • Text
    • Text.Digestive
      • Text.Digestive.Form
        • Text.Digestive.Form.Encoding
        • Text.Digestive.Form.Internal
          • Text.Digestive.Form.Internal.Field
        • Text.Digestive.Form.List
      • Text.Digestive.Ref
      • Text.Digestive.Types
      • Text.Digestive.Util
      • Text.Digestive.View
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Digestive functors is a library inspired by formlets:

It is intended to be an improvement of the Haskell formlets library, with as main advantages:

  • better error handling, so a web page can display input errors right next to the corresponding fields;

  • the ability to easily add <label> elements;

  • separation of the validation model and the HTML output.