Library for histograms creation.


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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Alexey Khudyakov
Maintained by Alexey Khudyakov
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Module documentation for

  • Data
    • Data.Histogram
      • Data.Histogram.Bin
        • Data.Histogram.Bin.Bin2D
        • Data.Histogram.Bin.BinEnum
        • Data.Histogram.Bin.BinF
        • Data.Histogram.Bin.BinI
        • Data.Histogram.Bin.BinInt
        • Data.Histogram.Bin.Classes
        • Data.Histogram.Bin.Extra
        • Data.Histogram.Bin.LogBinD
        • Data.Histogram.Bin.MaybeBin
        • Data.Histogram.Bin.Read
      • Data.Histogram.Fill
      • Data.Histogram.Generic
      • Data.Histogram.ST

This is library for histograms filling. Its aim to provide convenient way to create and fill histograms.