Core data types, parsers and utilities for the hledger accounting tool.


Version on this page:0.23.3
LTS Haskell 22.29:1.32.3
Stackage Nightly 2024-07-16:1.34
Latest on Hackage:1.34

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LicenseRef-GPL licensed and maintained by Simon Michael
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Module documentation for 0.23.3

  • Hledger
    • Hledger.Data
      • Hledger.Data.Account
      • Hledger.Data.AccountName
      • Hledger.Data.Amount
      • Hledger.Data.Commodity
      • Hledger.Data.Dates
      • Hledger.Data.Journal
      • Hledger.Data.Ledger
      • Hledger.Data.OutputFormat
      • Hledger.Data.Posting
      • Hledger.Data.RawOptions
      • Hledger.Data.TimeLog
      • Hledger.Data.Transaction
      • Hledger.Data.Types
    • Hledger.Query
    • Hledger.Read
      • Hledger.Read.CsvReader
      • Hledger.Read.JournalReader
      • Hledger.Read.TimelogReader
    • Hledger.Reports
      • Hledger.Reports.BalanceHistoryReport
      • Hledger.Reports.BalanceReport
      • Hledger.Reports.EntriesReport
      • Hledger.Reports.MultiBalanceReports
      • Hledger.Reports.PostingsReport
      • Hledger.Reports.ReportOptions
      • Hledger.Reports.TransactionsReports
    • Hledger.Utils
      • Hledger.Utils.UTF8IOCompat

hledger is a library and set of user tools for working with financial data (or anything that can be tracked in a double-entry accounting ledger.) It is a haskell port and friendly fork of John Wiegley's Ledger. hledger provides command-line, curses and web interfaces, and aims to be a reliable, practical tool for daily use.