BSD-3-Clause licensed by Aycan iRiCAN
Maintained by [email protected]
This version can be pinned in stack with:hweblib-0.6.3@sha256:e7c2477bf12bc08e43bb4a5164fd4aca07b1e6d1b4c87efce40204068b683afd,2653

Module documentation for 0.6.3

  • Network
    • Network.Http
    • Network.Parser
      • Network.Parser.Mime
      • Network.Parser.Rfc2045
      • Network.Parser.Rfc2046
      • Network.Parser.Rfc2234
      • Network.Parser.Rfc2616
      • Network.Parser.Rfc2822
      • Network.Parser.Rfc3986
      • Network.Parser.RfcCommon
    • Network.Types


Build Status

hweblib on Hackage

The library includes attoparsec based incremental parsers for rfc2616 (http) and rfc3986 (uri), rfc2045-46 (mime).

HUnit tests included with the distribution.

A small benchmark program is included in the package which parses a very long uri and a GET request.

Contact Information

Aycan iRiCAN [email protected]