MIT licensed and maintained by Stefan Bühler
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Module documentation for 0.1.0

  • Crypto
    • Crypto.Nettle
      • Crypto.Nettle.CCM
      • Crypto.Nettle.Ciphers
      • Crypto.Nettle.HMAC
      • Crypto.Nettle.Hash
      • Crypto.Nettle.KeyedHash
      • Crypto.Nettle.UMAC


This is the source repository for the “nettle” cabal package, which is a safe binding to the nettle library.

The binding supports all hash functions, cipher functions, cipher modes and keyed hash functions included in nettle (additionally the AEAD-CCM cipher mode is implemented in pure haskell).

Not included are the PBKDF2 key derivation functions, the public-key algorithms (RSA, DSA, elliptic curves, ECDSA), the pseudo-random generators (lagged Fibonacci and Yarrow), and the base64/base16 encoding/decoding functions.

Also not included are the undocumented ASN1, PGP, PKCS1 and “s-expression” functions.

The haddock generated documentation is available at

The test vectors were extracted from the nettle library and ported to haskell; they come from different sources.