Tests and QuickCheck generators to accompany rainbow.

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BSD3 licensed by Omari Norman
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rainbow helps you build colorful output for both 8- and 256-color terminals. It works only on Unix-like operating systems.

rainbow is on Github:

and Hackage:

rainbow is licensed under the BSD license; see the LICENSE file.


rainbow releases are numbered in accordance with the Haskell Package Versioning Policy.

rainbow does not set its dependencies in accordance with the Package Versioning Policy, as I do not set upper bounds. rainbow is guaranteed to build with the minimum versions specified in the cabal file. I also include a dependencies.txt file that documents more recent dependencies that are also known to work.

If you find that rainbow does not build due to dependency problems:

  1. please let me know at; 2) feel free to add appropriate upper bounds or patches to the package as appropriate; and 3) feel free to add command-line contraints to your cabal command to get it to build.


If you get the package from Hackage, it is ready to build with cabal install like any other Haskell package.

If you get it from Github, first you will need to create the cabal file. It’s built using m4 to avoid redundancies in the file. To build the cabal file, simply invoke make.

Generators package

The source tree also includes a package rainbow-tests which includes several generators that other packages might find useful.

* overhauled how colors are stored; much simpler now. However
these changes will break old code.
* Change dependency bounds
* Change cabal generator to cartel

* Change Chunk to hold a list of strict Text rather
than just a single Text.
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