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Module documentation for 0.5.4

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  • Network
    • Network.Socks5
      • Network.Socks5.Lowlevel
      • Network.Socks5.Types


Haskell library implementation of the SOCKS 5 protocol.


  • more socks authentification methods: only no authentification is supported for now.
  • support of socks’ bind for server to client connection (like FTP).
  • add socks4a and socks4 support.


See Example.hs for really simple and straighforward example. The main api is only 2 calls:

  • socksConnectAddr which connect to a SockAddr (SockAddrInet or SockAddrInet6). The name resolution is left on client side.
  • socksConnectName which connect to a fully qualified domain name “”. The proxy server will do the name resolution.
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