Friday provides functions to manipulate images in a functional way. The library is designed to be fast, generic and type-safe.

Images can be represented in two representations:

  • the Manifest representation stores images in Haskell Vectors ;

  • the Delayed representation uses functions to produce images pixels. These images can be combined to produce complex transformations. By some inlining, Haskell compilers are able to produce fast algorithms by removing intermediate structures.

The library currently support four color spaces: RGB, RGBA, HSV and gray-scale images.

Please read our README to get a detailed usage and some examples.



v0.2.4.0 TDB

v0.2.3.1 December 2016
* Merge fix for storable instance

v0.2.3.0 December 2016
* Add Contour Tracing (Vision.Image.Contour)
* Add pointer to friday-juicypixels
* First release by TomMD - Raphael is MIA but it remains his package.

v0.2.2.0 June 2015
* New 'computeP' function to compute an image in parallel.

v0.2.1.2 May 2015
* Add test modules under `other-modules`.

v0.2.1.1 April 2015
* Removes an orphan dependency to bytetring.
* Fixes some warning when compiled with GHC 7.10.

v0.2.1.0 March 2015
* Grey to HSV conversion.

v0.2.0.2 February 2015
* Minor documentation improvements.

v0.2.0.1 January 2015
* Setup.hs script.

v0.2 January 2015
* Origin is on the upper left corner of the image (was bottom left).
* New simplified filters interface. The old interface is still used
internally to create filters and is available in
* DevIL bindings (Vision.Image.Storage) are now in a separate package
(friday-devil) and with an improved interface.
* Benchmarks are now in a separate package (friday-bench).
* Examples are now in a separate package (friday-examples).
* Pixel instance is no more required for MaskedImage and Image instances.

* SCW thresholding.
* New types aliases for filters.
* New (!) and (!?) operators for image and histogram indexing.
* Classes and image types are in two different files (Vision.Image.Class and
* NFData instance for Manifest images.

v0.1 August 2014
* Initial release
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