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Maintained by Sven Panne, Jason Dagit
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  • Updated OpenGL registry to 681c365c0.
  • Added OpenGL 4.6 support.

  • Updated OpenGL registry to 89bede35b.

  • Updated OpenGL registry to 97558118d.

  • Updated OpenGL registry to r33312.

  • Updated OpenGL registry to r33189.

  • Updated OpenGL registry to r33080.

  • Updated OpenGL registry to r33061.
  • Split the Graphics.GL.Functions implementation into more manageable chunks.

  • Updated OpenGL registry to r32749.

  • Updated warning flag magic for GHC 8.0.
  • Updated OpenGL registry to r32363.

  • Changed the type of GL_FALSE and GL_TRUE to GLboolean, leading to fewer fromIntegral calls in user code.
  • Added deprecated functions mkGLDEBUGPROC, mkGLDEBUGPROCAMD, mkGLDEBUGPROCARB, mkGLDEBUGPROCKHR for gl compatibility.
  • Updated OpenGL registry to r32348.

  • Make the OpenGLRaw package even more similar to the gl package:
    • Use pattern synonyms for OpenGL enums.
    • Changed module name prefix from Graphics.Rendering.OpenGL.Raw to Graphics.GL.
    • Use slightly different type synonyms for GL type (introducing Fixed on the way):
      • CDouble => Double (for GLclampd, GLdouble)
      • CFloat => Float (for GLclampf, GLfloat)
      • CInt => Fixed (for GLclampx, GLfixed)
      • CInt => Int32 (for GLint, GLsizei)
      • CSChar => Int8 (for GLbyte)
      • CShort => Int16 (for GLshort)
      • CUChar => Word8 (for GLboolean, GLubyte)
      • CUInt => Word32 (for GLbitfield, GLenum, GLhandleARB, GLuint)
      • CUShort => Word16 (for GLushort)

  • Relaxed upper version bound for transformers.

  • Updated OpenGL registry to r32258. Note that the major version was intentionally not bumped, because the signature change of glClearNamedFramebufferfi was a bug fix, see the corresponding issue on Khronos.

  • Use the Half type from the half package.
  • Updated OpenGL registry to r32110.

  • Added retrieval of version info and extensions.
  • Added extension predicates.
  • Added documentation for vector equivalents and aliases.
  • Consistently use UTF-8 as the encoding.

  • Added documentation for enumerant groups.

  • Updated OpenGL registry to r31903.
  • Added GL_EXT_multisampled_compatibility tokens and functions (gles2 extension only).

  • Added to distribution.

  • Updated OpenGL registry to r31811.
  • Added ARB_ES3_2_compatibility extension.
  • Added ARB_gpu_shader_int64 extension.
  • Added ARB_parallel_shader_compile extension.
  • Added ARB_sample_locations extension.
  • Added ARB_texture_filter_minmax extension.
  • Added INTEL_framebuffer_CMAA extension.
  • Added NV_conservative_raster_dilate extension.