BSD-3-Clause licensed by Peter Simons, Alexander Altman, Ben James
Maintained by Peter Simons

Module documentation for 2.0

This version can be pinned in stack with:[email protected]:38c6df545e45a67dee394b65450c3c14d2d120fb210c90cc44f4d90758f24dff,2840

This is an early and mostly undocumented release of the 2.x version of hackage-db that's intended mostly for experimenting with and testing of the new API. Porting code from 1.x to 2.x is pretty simple, but if you do that at this point, please expect minor details of this API to change in forthcoming releases. For production code, you are probably better off with the 1.x release for now.

Check out for a collection of simple example programs that demonstrate how to use this code.