The uom-plugin library adds support for units of measure to GHC using the new experimental facility for typechecker plugins, which is available in GHC 7.10 and later. See Data.UnitsOfMeasure.Tutorial for an introduction to the library.


-*-change-log-*- Adam Gundry <> June 2018
* Support building on GHC 8.2 (but not yet 8.4)
* Fix unit safety bug in GHC 8.0 and later (see #22)
* Expose toRational' in Data.UnitsOfMeasure
* Add hlint test suite (thanks to Phil de Joux)
* Packaging improvements Adam Gundry <> May 2016
* Support building on GHC 8.0 Adam Gundry <> December 2015
* Add Data.UnitsOfMeasure.Read module and a Read instance for Quantity
* Make it possible to declare derived compound units
* Define litres, hectares, radians and steradians
* Prevent cyclic definitions of convertible units Adam Gundry <> November 2015
* Add more conversion ratios (thanks to Joe Hermaszewski)
* Add Storable and NFData instances for Quantity (thanks to Marcin Mrotek) Adam Gundry <> August 2015
* First public release
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