Criterion measurement functionality and associated types

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BSD3 licensed by Bryan O'Sullivan
Maintained by Marco Zocca <zocca.marco gmail>, Ryan Scott

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Measurement-related functionality extracted from Criterion, with minimal dependencies. The rationale for this is to enable alternative analysis front-ends.


  • This is the first release of criterion-measurement. The changelog notes below are copied from the notes for the corresponding criterion release, criterion-

  • Move the measurement functionality of criterion into a standalone package, criterion-measurement. In particular, cbits/ and Criterion.Measurement are now in criterion-measurement, along with the relevant definitions of Criterion.Types and Criterion.Types.Internal (both of which are now under the Criterion.Measurement.* namespace). Consequently, criterion now depends on criterion-measurement.

    This will let other libraries (e.g. alternative statistical analysis front-ends) to import the measurement functionality alone as a lightweight dependency.

  • Fix a bug on macOS and Windows where using runAndAnalyse and other lower-level benchmarking functions would result in an infinite loop.

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